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Farm workers harvest strawberry. British agricultural depends heavily on seasonal EU labour. He adds that people are going to ridiculous lengths to get staff, like renting houses and bussing them in. The obvious answer, he says, would be to pay higher wages to attract good staff, and he reckons that pay will gradually go up as Brexit becomes a reality. He jokes that if chefs were paid 100,000 double what a head chef currently earns in London they would still come to Britain. In the past, a lot of chefs would come from Spain and Italy, but eastern Europeans have become more common in recent times. ODonnell employs 24 people, including 10 full-time staff. Of those, four are EU nationals: an Italian husband and wife team, one of whom is maitre d; plus a Latvian and a Hungarian kitchen porter. He says these two are good, solid, reliable guys in their 60s. You wont get English guys in their 60s doing this job. Construction EU-born: 192,000 Non-EU-born 201,000 The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) says the construction industry could lose more than 175,000 employees or 8% of the sectors workforce if the UK loses access to the European single market. This could put key projects, such as the HS2 rail link between London, the Midlands and northern England, at risk.

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As we put it on Monday evening: "The ball is now squarely in China's court. The question now is whether Beijing will back down and concede that "sovereignty" somehow means something different with regard to the islands than it does with respect to the mainland or whether Xi will stick to his guns (no pun intended) and take a pot shot at a US destroyer." In short, some feared that based on recent rhetoric out of Beijing (e.g. the PLA will stand up and use force) that China might actually fire upon the US-flagged vessel or at least move to surround it in what might mark the first step on the road to war. Ultimately, that didn't happen as China apparently decided to take the high road for now and avoid an escalation that might have had far-reaching consequences. That said, Beijing isn't happy. Here's more from Bloomberg : China said it will take all necessary measures to defend its territory after the U.S. sailed a warship through waters claimed by China in the disputed South China Sea, a move the government in Beijing called a threat to peace and stability in Asia. The behavior of the U.S. warship threatened Chinas sovereignty and national interest, endangered the safety of the islands staff and facilities, and harmed the regional peace and stability, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a statement today. The Chinese side expressed its strong discontent and firm opposition. The comments came hours after the USS Lassen passed within 12-nautical miles of Subi Reef, an island built by China as a platform to assert its claim to almost 80 percent of one of the worlds busiest waterways. By passing so close to the man-made island, the U.S.

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